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Act Fast!  These Are Limited Edition
Genesis NFTs With A Total Supply of Only

Invest $300 For Your Genesis Players Card NFT
and Get Instantly Rewarded With $600 Bonus Bucks!!!

** Value based on current Solana market price

Players Card NFTs

Rarity Levels

The Best Solana NFTs


Mint: 5
Type: Limited Edition
Rake Back Reward: 50% Reduced Rake
Stake To Earn: 200 Tokens / Weekly


Mint: 50
Type: Limited Edition
Rake Back Reward: 25% Reduced Rake
Stake To Earn: 70 Tokens / Weekly

Gold NFT Casino Players Card


Mint: 500
Type: Limited Edition
Rake Back Reward: 15% Reduced Rake
Stake To Earn: 30 Tokens / Weekly

Ape In Poker NFT


Mint: 5000
Type: Limited Edition
Rake Back Reward: 10% Reduced Rake
Stake To Earn: 10 Tokens / Weekly

Get Your $1,000
Deposit match bonus now

To celebrate our Players Card NFT Launch, we will be offering a 100% deposit match up to $1000 on funds deposited during the month of September!!

When you deposit just enter code GRAND100 to activate your bonus

  1. Terms and conditions: 100% Poker Welcome Bonus will be released in USD (United States Dollars) up to a maximum of $1000USD. The 100% Welcome Bonus is based on the total of your first deposit. All issued bonuses are based on the amount of Rake and/or Tournament fees paid within 60 days of your first deposit.
  2. Your Poker Welcome Bonus – Will be unlocked in $5 increments for every $25 of Rake paid in cash games or tournament entry fees. Bonus dollars are credited upon exiting a cash game table or finishing a Poker Tournament There is no rollover on unlocked Welcome Bonus funds. The maximum total bonus issued is $1000USD.
  3. Cash outs – Will be manual to start and executed by one of our lead team members. You can initiate your cash out via cashier window while logged into your account.  This will be paid out in Solana. This will be available during customer service hours of operation.
  4. Customer Service Hours of Operation
    Monday through Friday: 8am- 10pm pst
    Saturday + Sunday: 7am-10am pst


There are two major pillars of utility associated with the Player Card level:

Rakeback – Where players are able to get a reduced amount of rake for every hand they win on the site for life as long as they hold a Genesis Players Card.

That utility looks like this:

Silver – 10% rakeback
Gold – 15% rakeback
Platinum – 25 % rakeback
Herculean – 50% rakeback

Stake to Earn – Gives holders the option to stake and earn $HOUSE tokens on a weekly basis. These will be accepted on the Ape In Poker Site as well as a list of partners including exchanges and other online gaming sites.

Weekly distribution:

Silver – 10 token
Gold – 30 token
Platinum – 70 tokens
Herculean – 200 tokens

Buy NFT, Receive $house tokens


Like everything we do, Ape In Poker’s tokenomics are both upgraded and unique, with our design being based on what’s known as “Casino House Edge.”

This exact concept of House Edge is the same notion responsible for building gambling meccas like Vegas and Macao. Thanks to AIP, there’s good news for those of us who weren’t around for the days of Sin City’s ascension… a third poker mecca is emerging as we speak, right in the Degen Playground.

The Ape In Poker team took this age old, time tested business model where every game that is played, the house wins a little bit, and applied it to the SPL token $HOUSE.

This creates a play to earn (p2e) ecosystem where the players play and the token earns. Very simply put, every hand played on the Ape In Poker site builds the tokens value by a small amount. An amount token holders will benefit from.

The tokenomics of the Ape In Poker ecosystem have been designed to target
3 markets:

1.  The Poker Player/entertainment seeker
2.  The passive NFT Collector, and
3.  The passive Token Investor.

Players Card NFT Utility

VIP Access

There are only 5,555 Genesis Players Card NFTs available, and as holders level up the total supply decreases.  Genesis holders will be have VIP access to play in this revolutionary metaverse casino, so don’t wait. 

Impressive Value

The perfect poker hand is at your fingertips with our Ape In Poker NFT! Get in on this incredible offer before it’s too late. With rakeback and $HOUSE token utility, you won’t be able to lose while playing on our site as as holder.

Value Galore

Genesis NFTs will also have more value, as they will come with a special wearables that only Genesis holders will be able to use with their avatars. Make a name for yourself and a splash on the floor with this unique upgrade.

Burn & Turn

Upgradeable and deflationary. Our Genesis NFTs will be able to turn 2 silver NFTs into a gold NFT, 2 gold NFTs into a Platinum NFT and 2 Platinum NFTs into a Herculean NFT. Every time a holder levels up, the total supply is decreased until we are left with only 780 Herculean Holders!!

Rakeback for Life

Also, only 1st Generation NFTs will be able to “grandfather” in their 1st Generation NFT Staking Yields. And most exciting of all – get your NFT Investment back in Rake Back Rewards in as little as 1,000 hands. No problem for Degens like us!

Staking Rewards

Gives holders the option to stake to earn $HOUSE tokens on a weekly basis. These will be accepted on the Ape In Poker Site as well as a list of partners including exchanges and other online gaming sites. The Genesis collection will be the only one to yield $HOUSE tokens. DO NOT miss out. 

Investing Opportunities

Genesis Players Card NFT holders will also be the first on the planet to have an opportunity to invest in our upcoming metaverse The Degen Playground. This is your chance to own a part of the house, and the house always wins. Investor rewards will be amazing so don’t miss out!

Access Exclusive Content

Access to our exclusive gated content will also be included for life to Herculean holders. Watch real poker games, bet  in our SportsBook, or lounge with your friends from across the world in mixed reality. Get full access to every inch of the Degen Playground. Get first access to VIP events in Vegas, Dubai and other stops around the world.

Never Ending Bonus Rewards

But we don’t stop there, we have even more crazy good bonuses like:

  • Herculean NFT holders get an in real life version of their players card
  • Exclusive role status and access in our Ape In Poker Discord
  • First access whitelist spots to our Avatar NFTs coming soon

All these and more…